NURSERY - Newborn up to 1 1/2 Years Old 

Nursery is provided for babies from birth up to 1 1/2 years old.  When visiting the nursery, you’ll find a spacious room with age appropriate toys, as well as a separate nursing room for mothers that is located inside the nursery. The nursery is staffed by trained volunteers who have all completed a background check. 

Nursery drop off Checklist;  1) Labeled Child.  Children will need to have a printed name tag sticker on their back. Included on this sticker is a parent/guardian name and mobile number should we need to reach you during the service. PLEASE, PLEASE have your phone on the vibrate mode.  Nursery attendants will wait their assigned 10 minutes and then will call a parent for a distressed child.  2)  LABELED diaper bag w/ portion of printed sticker.  Our nursery workers are needing to know what bag goes with what child, whether for bottle needs, pacifier needs, etc.  Babies personal items w/in the diaper bag MUST be labeled, too.  

**Please note. Nursery age children CAN move up throughout the year if they turn their new age, or upon parent/teacher discretion. You DO NOT need to wait until we have a promotion Sunday 1x a year.

This room will be for our new babies up to new walkers.. Once a child becomes a confident walker and is ready for short periods of structure, we will move them to the toddler room. **Based on teacher/parent discretion. No snacks will be given in this room. 

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