How to Get Involved

3 Easy Steps

I would like to pass along the warmest hello from our Bridge staff to you and your family! We are praying for you and all those affected by the challenges we are facing. As you find a rhythm in this difficult season, we would like you to consider joining us in finding ways to seek out and serve people in your life that may be struggling during the Corona epidemic.

Step 1

help People You Know

We would encourage each individual and family at Bridge to take a moment and write down a list of 10 people that you are naturally surrounded by in life. They might be, relatives, families, coworkers, teachers and friends. Who are the medical workers, elderly, and people living alone that may be especially in need during this season? After you have compiled this list would you begin to:

PRAYER: Pray that God would show you ways to serve and support the people on your list.

CARE:  After you have prayed, would you simply call, text, or email people on the list and check in on them. If there are needs, we would encourage you to help. If there are needs outside of your ability to meet, would you consider helping find resources?

SHARE: As you Pray and Care, would you consider being prepared to Share the reason we serve in the first place. If someone asks you a spiritual question would you help them find the answer? If someone wants to know more about your faith, would you tell them?

step 2


Another wonderful opportunity for you to consider would be to join a service organization in our area that is providing care and help to many deserving individuals and families. Here are a couple for you to choose from, simply follow the link for more info.

1. Blue Ridge Area Foodbank

2. Calvary United Methodist Food Pantry

3. Red Cross Blood Drive

4. Meals On Wheels (Meal Delivery/Packager)


5. Foster Care Support


​6. Sewing Homemade Medical Masks

7. *NEW OPPORTUNITY Adopt a Bridge Medical Worker/First Responder

step 3

NEED help/offer help

Can Help: If you would like to provide help to someone in need, click the link below and find unique ways to serve. 


Need Help: If you have a need caused by the recent outbreak, click the link to share your need with our staff.


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