TODDLERS - 1 1/2 to 3-3 1/2 Years Old

Toddler drop off Check-list 1) Labeled Child.  Children will need to have a printed name tag sticker on their back. Included on this sticker is a parent/guardian name and mobile number should we need to reach you during the service. PLEASE, PLEASE have your phone on the vibrate mode.  Teachers will wait their assigned 10 minutes and then will call a parent for a distressed child. 2)LABELED diaper bag with attached portion of printed sticker; diaper/pull-up, underwear, change of clothes. Our toddler teachers are needing to know what bag goes with what child whether for accident related reasons or for a specified snack. This Classroom DOES have a personal bathroom, diaper changing station included. 


**Please note. Preschool age children CAN move up throughout the year if they turn their new age, or upon parent/teacher discretion. You DO NOT need to wait until we have a promotion Sunday 1x a year. 

This room will have more structure for our little ones.  They will get a bible story read to them, watch the same bible story on video, sing songs and dance, color, simple crafts, and games.  There will also be unstructured play time for them to interact with their peers.  Children will move up between 3 yrs. - 3 1/2 yrs, based on teacher/parent discretion.  We will move them when they are fully potty trained and ready for more structure.  Goldfish will be given in this room.

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